Scheduling Rules & No Show Policy


You may sign up for the whole year, weekly, or monthly.

  • SATURDAY: The deadline to sign up each week is noon Saturday for the following Wednesday. Please remember to sign up by noon – the schedule locks down at 12 pm Saturday.
  • SUNDAY: The schedule for Wednesday will be posted on the website Sunday evenings. Login to this website, and from your name at the top-right corner, click on Posted Schedule from the menu.

If you sign up and do not play it is considered a “NO SHOW”.


If you are scheduled to play and DO NOT PLAY it is considered a NO SHOW. We understand there are emergencies and situations beyond our control. However, we do not judge the reasons. If a golfer does not show up to play, it is a no show.

  • THREE NO SHOWS – Suspended from being placed on the schedule for two weeks.
  • FOUR OR MORE – Banquet is no longer free. (charge could be $50 or more)
  • Eight (8) PLAY times needed to go to the banquet for FREE.


Often it is raining in parts of South Jersey and the sun is shinning at Indian Spring.

Weather reports are often unreliable or totally wrong. DO NOT CALL THE PRO SHOP.

If the weather is fine but rain is pending, you should come to the course and play. If while you are playing, it starts to rain, you may make your own decision whether to continue to play or not. You will receive credit for coming regardless of your decision because you did play.

The course management and/or your officers will make the decision to cancel. The cancellation will be announced via email and/or info will be stated in red banner on front page of website, regarding our decision. It is your responsibility to check either email or the website for the decision.

The course is always open unless there are dangerous situations that may arrive.