Ladies Straight Shooters Golf League

May 18th CTP Winners: 9:00 am -Janet Lattimer Hole 6 - 16’3”……….1:00pm - No one ……….4:30pm - Laurie Bruner Hole 6 - 6’2”………..5:30 - Dee Foster Hole 13 - 8’10”..

Thank you for visiting the website of The Ladies Straight Shooters Nine Hole Golf League at Indian Spring Country Club, Marlton, New Jersey.

Founded in 1983 by Rae West and Maryanne Brogden-Whitaker our membership has grown from 28 to a present membership of 350 members.

PGA and LPGA have informed our golf management that,

“The Indian Spring Ladies Straight Shooters Golf League is the largest in the United States”