For past 2019 and prior members, once Nancy Fanelli receives your membership fee she will activate your membership on our website. At this point we ask you to sign in using your username and password. If you forget this information or wish to change it please contact Cathy Smith, the League Scheduler, at 609-744-4351 or for assistance.

Ladies Straight Shooters membership:

$50 for the season
$25 each week you play, walk, or ride.

Once you are signed in you will need to:

1. Go to the Gofer’s App.
2. Open the Member Information Tab and add/update your information.
3. Please update the following:

A. Name, Address, Phone Numbers, Email Address if they have changed.
B. Most important: Preferred Tee Time, Preferred Division, and Friends.
C. Click the SAVE button to save your information.

Schedule is available in the Golfers App once Nancy receives your membership fee.