League Philosophy

The purpose of the Indian Spring Country Club Nine Hole League is to give an opportunity for women to play and learn the game of golf while having FUN. We encourage the entry-level golfer to learn the game and invite our skilled level golfers to play in a competitive format with golfers of similar handicaps. We have a great time while improving our game in a friendly atmosphere.

The league will be divided into THREE divisions; Competitive, Non-Competitive, and Beginner Levels.

How we measure participation. – MUST BE DONE FOR BANQUET CREDIT

Each week you will complete a scorecard and place it the appropriate bag in our locker room.

  1. Complete your scorecard with number of strokes taken for each hole.
  2. Beginners playing Best ball. List all Names and enter one score per hole.
  3. Played but did not keep Score. Place Last Name, First Name. Write “DID NOT KEEP SCORE”.

PACE OF PLAY – KEY TO SUCCESS AND FUN – See packet “The Rules of Ready Golf”

PACE OF PLAY is KEY to a successful league and enjoyment for all players.  Basically what this means is you MUST keep up with the players in front of you.  Consider the other players enjoyment of the game by following these simple rules:

  1. Players must ensure they keep up with the group directly in front of them.  There should never be more than “half a hole” open in front of your group.
  2. After your tee shot go to your ball if it is safe.  Do your pre-shot routine and be ready to hit the ball when it is your turn.  Take ONLY one practice swing when possible.
  3. When you reach the green, park your cart as close as possible to the next tee.  Walk off the green towards the next hole so the golfers behind you will be able to hit as soon as you walk off.
  4. When all players are on the green, it is the responsibility of the player closest to the pin to tend the flag or place it off the green.
  5. It is the responsibility of the player who holes out first to replace the pin upon completion of all putting.
  6. When putting is completed, move quickly to the next tee; scores are to be recorded there.  Teams with honors be ready to tee off.
  7. Drivers of the carts will be the scorers.  Tell them your scores.  Don’t make them ask for it.
  8. It is everyone’s responsibility to watch all ball striking and ball hunting as much as possible.  Ask for the help of your fellow competitors.
  9. Hit a provisional ball if there is any doubt that your ball is out of bounds or lost. Announce that you will hit a provisional to the rest of your group.
  10. Play “Ready Golf” when possible.  Plan your shot during your competitor’s shot.  Use common sense and courtesy.
  11.  Do not let your group fall behind the group in front of you.
  12. Common sense is to be used at all times during the round.  It is the responsibility of the members of each foursome to speed things up.